Kampailis Bros&Co is bound to design, produce and offer to its clients high level products and services. The implemented Quality Assurance System satisfies all the safety and quality requirements of the European and Greek legislation.
The System meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008
Our company values greatly the quality and reliability certification of our lifts and services.
Here in Kampailis Bros&Co we guarantee good construction, quality and function of all our products. We guarantee full compatibility and high material quality of complete lift package. The material installation of KLEEMANN lifts following the company’s instructions and the regular maintenance according to the existing provisions guarantee its smooth and secure operation.
The company is responsible for replacing all flawed parts, as long as the flaw is due to the construction and no damage has been caused due to bad transportation, bad installation, misuse or negligence. The warranty is valid as long as the company’s installation and usage instructions have been followed during installation and use of elevator products.
For more information on the validity period of the above warranty and terms, please contact us.