AutoLift / Kampailis Bros&Co

Kampailis Bros&Co, through its partnership with KLEEMANN, manufactures and provides complete lifts and services that enhance safety, reliability, comfort and aesthetics in the transportation of passengers or goods escorted by passengers.

AutoLIFT complete hydraulic car lift systems have extreme endurance and strength and fully meet the requirements of each load lifting project.

Finally, AutoLIFT complete hydraulic car lift system is ideal for buildings such as industrial facilities, warehouses, super markets, hospitals, car parking and so on.

AutoLift-Mesa 1-GR

Protective bumper rails (elastic, wood, inox)
Automatic rescue operation in case of power cut
Two car operating panels (open through configurations)
Overload detection (acoustic/visual)
2 ways hands free permanent communication emergency telephone according to Lift Directive 95/16 EC)
Light fittings with fluorescent flush lighting (O10 ceiling)
3D or 2D infra-red light door detector
Remote controls
VVVF automatic doors
Cabin and door robustness
Speed up to 0,63 m/sec
High leveling accuracy (option for electronic valve)
Microprocessor controller according to Lift Directive 95/16 EC (SABP or collective control operation)
Heavy duty types of door sill tracks chosen according to rated load

AutoLift-Mesa 2-GR