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The max surface MegaSpace lift is a goods/passenger traction lift where the cabin dimensions do not have to comply with the EN 81 – 1 standard regarding the relation between cabin area and rated load.

Thus, the cabin area of MegaSpace can be increased much further than dictated by the standard for any other traction lift. As a result, a much better utilization of the existing shaft is achieved while at the same time the output of the driving mechanism is minimized resulting in reduced power consumption.

MegaSpace max surface lift is a fully certified product according to the strictest European norms and regulations and includes special features (such as pawl devices, special controller and other) that ensure optimum safety conditions during the operation of the lift.

Auto-Mesa 1-GR

The advantages of MegaSpace:
Larger available cabin area for a given rated load
Car area up to 17,5 m2 (for a rated load equal to 10.310kg according to EN81-1)
Absolute lift stability and safety during loading
Basic technical characteristics (e.g. motor, guide rails, wire ropes, safety gear etc) of smaller dimensions that allow lower costs and energy saving.
Super speed ride (max speed up 1,0m/sec)
Ideal for goods/passenger lifts and car lifts for long distances
TÜV SÜD certified
Warranty and quality by Kampailis Bros&Co and KLEEMANN

Auto-Mesa 2-GR