Green Edition

“KAMPAILIS BROS&Co” and its associates focus on research and innovation; they pioneer and upgrade the products by equipping them with environmentally friendly features which offer further benefits and decrease the cost of use.



The New Generation of Hydraulic and Traction Lifts- Green Edition diverge from conventional technology as they offer excellent ride quality with simultaneous energy saving up to 50%. The lifts come with energy study and certificate for the energy consumption categorization by VDI 4707.
Benefits compared to simple lifts:
Up to 50% lower energy consumption
Excellent ride quality by means of the Bucher (C-LRV) electronic valve, regardless of load and temperature
Optimal leveling accuracy (outweighs the new ΕΝ 81-2/Α3 model)
No oil cooler required
No star-triangle or soft starter systems and power factor correction required
Reduced starting current
Possibility of automatic adjustment of speed according to the load being transported.