All Inclusive / Kampailis Bros&Co

Η “Kampailis Bros&Co” and “KLEEMANN” are two of the very few European companies which offer complete lift systems providing you with a full range of hydraulic or mechanical technology solutions, with or without machine room.


Our company studies and suggests the ideal solution for every project and provides its customers with the entire set of the lift’s subsystems.
WHY CHOOSE «All Inclusive» ?
Because with “Kampailis Bros&Co” & “KLEEMANN” you have:
Guaranteed compatibility of all the parts
Fast delivery (starting from 4 weeks for a hydraulic package)
Decrease of the installation and maintenance total cost
Elimination of the time needed to collect the materials
Awareness of the total cost without unpredictable costs
Functional design of the package
Compliance with the directive 95/16 of the European Union
Full installation, usage and function instructions
Structure quality
KAMPAILIS BROS&CO and KLEEMANN warranty and support