UpLoad / Kampailis Bros&Co

KAMPAILIS BROS&Co and its associates manufacture complete lift systems which upgrade reliability, safety, comfort and aesthetic quality of people and goods transport.


UpLoad goods/passenger lifts are extremely durable and designed to handle any load up to 15.000 Kg.
These heavy-duty lifts form the ideal solution for building types such as storehouses, parking centers, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls and so on.


Features-Advantages of UpLoad:
Anti-vandal pushbuttons
Protective bumper rails (elastic, wood, inox)
Emergency car trap door
3D or 2D infra-red light door detector
Speed up to 0,63 m/sec
Overload detection(acoustic/visual)
Battery operated automatic emergency release procedure in case of power failure
Two car operating panels (open through configurations)
High accuracy leveling (option for electronic valve)
VVVF automatic doors
Microprocessor controller according to lift directive 95/16 EC(single, descent, rise/descent)
2 ways hands free permanent communication emergency telephone according to lift directive 95/16 EC
Heavy duty types of door sill tracks chosen according to rated load.