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In Kampailis Bros&Co we undertake the design and study of any kind of lifting machinery or escalators.
The right choice of lift varies and depends on the project and its needs.
In Kampailis Bros&Co we can help you choose the best solution for you.
We guarantee that every project we undertake is a new challenge for us when it comes to creating something special and unique that will fully satisfy your demands.


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Some of the conditions are:
Available space for an elevator shaft and an engine room (even if it doesn’t exist).
Particularities of the building (use, number of stops, mobility).
User’s needs (transportation of people and/or charge, possible use by disabled etc.).
The aesthetic outcome you seek.


After booking an appointment, our office’s experienced and proficient engineers will visit you and record all the data that are important for you.
Kampailis Bros&Co examines in detail your needs, specifications and the project’s particularities and always offers you the most reliable and economical solutions.


If you have an idea, we are ready to make it happen !