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The last step is the lift’s maintenance.
The lift and its parts need to maintain good condition in order to ensure proper and smooth operation.
Kampailis Bros&Co undertakes the maintenance of all types of lifting machinery and escalators.
Maintenance is necessary for the lift’s proper and smooth operation and for that reason it is enforced by law. More specifically, the number of maintenances enforced by law shouldn’t be less than 24 per year in certain occasions.
In order for an average block of flats’ elevator to operate smoothly, we recommend the monthly maintenance, 12 maintenances per year. This way we fully ensure the elevator’s smooth and safe operation.
The maintenance is performed exclusively by the specialized crew of Kampailis Bros&Co and it includes:

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• Check and regulation of electrical and mechanical safety provisions
of the elevator as well as
the rest of the parts to prevent
any future problem or malfunction.

• Lubrication and cleanup of the parts.
• Table check for possible failure and restoration.
•    Our office is always available for its clients, 24 hours a day,
•    365 days per year, and responds in a very short notice after reporting damage.

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